Stone Water Feature Installation Guide

Below you will find a step-by-step guide & video support to the installation of your Tranquility Stone Water Feature

We have set up a number of simple help videos to help guide you through the installation process for your natural stone water feature, the videos below contain helpful information on the components and the installation process to help you get your water feature up and running as quickly as possibleTop tips and component overview will help advise and guide you through the installation process with support for LED installation, pump flow rates, tube length, sump installation, grid support, and sizes all covered in the below information
Installtion Guide for Stone Water Features


  • Video One
    This video contains helpful information on the components you would have received with your stone water feature. It covers areas including sump grids and reservoir sizes, the relevant size kit for the stone that you have purchased, and installation area guide for how to prepare your area.
  • Video Two
    In this video we cover a basic overview of setting up and preparing an area, digging a hole suitable to support the size of reservoir that you have been supplied.
  • Video Three
    In this video we have located the sump into the ground we have levelled the area off and we are preparing for the installation of the stone itself.
  • Video Four
    In this video we cover the actual installation of the stone, topics including damage repair & maintenance, LED tube fitment and tips, pump overview and basic cabling.
  • Video Five
    In this video we cover the pump and transformer final installation adding water and switching the features on for the first time.
  • Video sixIn this video we cover decoration and top tips for your water feature and how to get the best visual out of your new purchase.
  • Video Seven
    In this video is a final video it covers areas such as decoration and care kits and maintenance for your features throughout the years to come.
Video 1 - Sumps & Grids
Video 2 - Sump Install
Video 3 - Sump Installed
Video 4 - Stone Install
Video 5 - Pump Install
Video 6 - Decoration
Video 7 - Decorations and Maintenance
Stone LED Install & Tape Installation
Stone Feature - Damage / Repair & Refresh
Millstone Video - Install Tips
Babbling Bowl - Install Tips
Support Tray - Hole
Guides & Downloads

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