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  1. Tranquility Water Feature Care Kit
  2. Tranquility Water Feature Algae Tablets
  3. Tranquility Water Feature Cover - Large
  4. Tranquility Water Feature Cover - Medium
  5. Tranquility Water Feature Cover - Small
  6. TAP Sparkle Feature Cleaner, Small
  7. Kelkay Medium Fountain Protection Cover
  8. Kelkay Small Fountain Protection Cover
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These days garden water features are extremely robust and reliable. They are made with high quality materials, modern manufacturing methods and very strict tolerances to ensure that they last for many years. 

There are however certain things which do require minimal maintenance. A frost proofer will prevent the risk of cracks which can sometimes occur due to the very cold temperatures sometimes experienced in the UK. Then there are water feature cleaners and sterilising tablets. Keeping the water fresh will ensure that it stays clear and clean preventing any unwanted smells.